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Check mark in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Reports

Recently, one of the partners asked me if it is possible to display Boolean fields as check marks in NAV reports. I tried it out and I must say its pretty simple.

I created a new and simple report on Item table with the following dataset:


In the layout design, I used a table control to display the data in the body section and I used a text box control to show the title of the report in the header:


Note: To learn how to use a table control see the video: How to: Build a simple list report in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 

I saved the report and ran it. In the report preview, boolean field values were shown as True/False instead of check mark!


To show the Boolean field as Check mark, I went back to the layout designer and did the following changes:

1. Opened the text box properties for the Boolean field (CostIsAdjusted) and inserted an expression for the value field as shown below:

I changed “=Fields!CostIsAdjusted_Item.Value” to =IIF(Fields!CostIsAdjusted_Item.Value,Chr(254),Chr(168))


2. Changed the font to Wingdings for the Boolean field only:


After these 2 changes, I saved the report and ran it. The preview now displays check marks for Boolean field values:



More about Microsoft Dynamics NAV reports here


2 thoughts on “Check mark in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Reports”

  1. Hi Suvidha. It’s a long time since you wrote this post but I have just read it. Do you have any idea of why this can work fine in preview but not when you export it to pdf?


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