Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials

Scheduling Reports in Dynamics 365 for Financials

Reports are an important part of our day to day work and most of the times, we have specific reports which are important to us and we would like to view these reports everyday or on a regular basis.

In Project Madeira, you can schedule reports to run in the background immediately or at a scheduled time during non peak hours!

For example: Schedule the Balance Sheet report to run in the background  and continue working on other tasks in the system. Once the report output is run successfully, it will be ready to view in your Report Inbox. If your reports have to run through a lot of data and if it takes a long time to complete, you can choose to schedule these reports to run later in non-peak hours as well.

We can also schedule reports to run periodically. For example: Every Monday morning, you can have  your financial reports waiting for you to open in your Report Inbox!

Report Inbox: The Report Inbox is available on the Business Manager role center by default and this is where you can access your reports which are run using schedule option.

Report Inbox in Role Center

If you don’t find the Report Inbox  in your role center, you can access Report Inbox using the Search option as well.

Schedule Reports: You can schedule a Report by selecting the report and choosing the schedule option in the request page.

Let’s schedule the Balance Sheet report available in the Business Manager Role Center. In the Business Manager Role center, Select Financial Statements and then choose Balance Sheet from the drop down.

Balance Sheet Report

Balance Sheet report first opens a Request page where you can specify filters for the report. After specifying the filters, you can click on Preview to run the report immediately in your session and see the report output. However, there are more options under Send to… button

Report Request Page

Click on Sent to…, then choose Schedule option and click on ok

Send to Options

This opens a window with options for scheduling the report to run.

Schedule a Report

– Report ID and Report Name fields are automatically filled in by the report you choose and these fields are non-editable.

Description: Provide a good description to identify the report in the Report Inbox

Report Output Type: You can choose to save the processed report to a file, such as an Excel, Word, or PDF, print it to a selected printer, or process the report only.

Printer Name: If you choose to print the report directly in the previous option, you can specify the printer name here

– Earliest Start Date/Time: In case you’re scheduling the report to run later, select the date and time to run the report. You can leave this empty to run the report as soon as possible in the background.

Click on ok to complete report scheduling.

Now the system creates a one time (non-recurring) Job Queue entry which takes care of running the report in the background as per the specifications above. Once the report is processed, it will be available in the Report Inbox to view.

Report Inbox with Report output

Click on the Report Description to Open the report.

The above option can be used to schedule the report to run in the background immediately or later at specified date & time.

However, you may want to run some reports on a regular basis like every day or every  week. In such cases, you need to use to create a job queue entry directly. You can specify the Report that you want to run and use the options under Recurrence tab.



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