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Dynamics 365 for Talent – Attract/Hiring Experience

Microsoft has reimagined the complete HR experience from both candidate and hiring company’s perspective! With the release of Dynamics 365 for Talent, the experience of hiring, onboarding and handling core HR activities have been taken to the next level. I highly recommend everyone to sign up for the trial and get your hands on this awesome product.

Watch a quick product introduction video here

In this blog, I will try to demonstrate the Attract experience that comes with this product. To make it simple and easy to follow along, I’ve captured many screenshots from different users’ perspective to showcase the Attract experience. I have used some dummy names and accounts for this demo purpose only.

Let’s consider a scenario with 3 personnel for this demo. 1. Recruiter 2. Hiring Manager/Interviewer 3. Applicant/Candidate

Story: Hiring manager Sana is in need of a Software Engineer for her team in Contoso demo company. After all the internal approvals and formalities, recruiter Harry publishes a job opening in the company’s career portal. Sunaina (Applicant) is a computer science graduate looking for opportunities to work and comes across the job opening in Contoso demo company’s site and applies for this job.

Let’s look at how the hiring process is managed with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent:

  • Recruiter Harry logs into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent and opens the Attract experience:

  • He creates a new job by clicking on New, enters job title and he specifies that he is the Recruiter for this job. [This way, recruiters or hiring managers can add more jobs in this window and manage them here]

  • Harry clicks on the newly created job to carryout further tasks. (1.) Clicks on the Job settings to write in the job location and description. (2.) Clicks on three dots to add more people as part of hiring team. In this case, he adds Sana who is the Hiring manager to the Hiring team. (3) Clicks on New to add applicants for this job.

  • Sunaina has shown interest and applied for this job in the job portal. So the recruiter fills in some basic information about her like, name, email and LinkedIn profile URL. It is also possible to Import applicants from Excel here. [Ideally, more applicants are added and reviewed here and for each relevant application, hiring process is carried out. For demo purpose, we’ll add one application only]


  • As soon as the applicant is added to the system, the Applicant/Candidate is notified with an email. [The candidate is not left in the dark when using Talent. They have access to the portal where they can track their application stage]

  • The Candidate is able to click on the Dynamics 365 for Talent link in the email to access the portal and get more details about her application. Notice that the current stage is Apply.

Once the recruiter uploads the job and applications in the system, he can start the hiring process for all the applicants. The hiring process has 4 stages by default which can be changed to some extent.

  • Application: To start with, recruiter clicks on the application where he can view the applicant’s summary (He can see the applicant’s profile details flowing in from LinkedIn and this may need LinkedIn recruit license). He can add applicant’s resume, cover letter, work sample or other documents as attachment here. He can also add applicant’s contact information in this stage. After uploading all the details, the recruiter can click on Advance stage button to move the application to next step

  • Screening: In the screening process, recruiter has the option of checking candidate’s availability for the initial screening call. For the demo purpose, let’s consider that the recruiter skips this part and directly submits his feedback and clicks on Advance stage to move to the next stage.

  • Interview: The first step of the interview process is to check the candidate’s availability. Recruiter can select few dates and send it to the candidate, requesting a suitable date for her interview.

  • Interview: The candidate is notified by an email that a task has been added to her to-do list for the applied position. The candidate clicks on the link in the email to open the Dynamics 365 for Talent portal, where she is able to see a request for choosing a convenient date for the interview. candidate selects a suitable date and hits on submit.

  • Interview: The recruiter can now see the confirmed date and he uses this date to schedule the interview. The next step is to choose the interviewers. The recruiter can add more people to the interview panel in this window. Let’s assume that only Hiring Manager, Sana is required to interview the candidate. He includes Sana as the interviewer and clicks on Invite team to move to next step of interview process.

  • Interview: The recruiter sets the interview details as per candidate’s availability and clicks on Find Schedule Options to find a suitable time on Interviewer’s calendar

  • Interview: Recruiter is able to see the Interviewer’s availability within Dynamics 365 for Talent. He selects a timeslot for the interview and clicks on Send request to interviewers

  • Interview: The Interviewer, receives an invite for this interview in her inbox. Let’s assume the interviewer accepts this invitation.

  • Interview: Next, the recruiter sends the interview meeting details to the candidate from within Dynamics 365 for Talent.

  • Interview: The candidate receives the meeting information and she can track this in this in the Talent portal as well.

At the agreed time, let’s assume the interview happens over phone call and the interviewer thinks that this candidate is a great fit for this job.


  • Interview: The interviewer is able to submit her feedback in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent.

  • Offer: Next, the recruiter is able to see the interviewer’s comments and advance the stage to prepare an offer.

  • Offer: The candidate is notified of the offer being prepared! Within the Talent portal, the candidate is able to see her current stage as: Offer


This completes a simple end to end attract/hiring experience. At any stage, the candidate can also be rejected by clicking on Reject button on top.

You can read and learn more using some useful links below:

Documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/unified-operations/talent/

Roadmap: https://roadmap.dynamics.com/#application=c6ae025f-e42a-e711-810d-3863bb363e80

Community: https://community.dynamics.com/enterprise/b/dynamics365fortalent



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