Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Are you ready for the Dynamics 365 For Finance and Operations One Version (Continuous updates)

Microsoft recently announced a change in the way Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations will be updated. Starting April 2019, each Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations customer will be running on the same product version (including Platform, Application and Financial Reporting). This approach will lower upgrade costs and will provide you access to the latest capabilities, performance improvements and the best support experience.

For customers, it is important to know that the support for older versions (7.0 to 7.2/July 2017) will end in April 2019. If you/your customer is running on these old versions, it is very important to upgrade the application as soon as possible. Version 7.3 support will be extended through April 2020 only for customers who have unfulfilled extensibility requests with Microsoft. So, If you cannot upgrade to the latest release due to unfulfilled extensibility requests, you are still required to upgrade to application release 7.3 and the latest platform update.

Watch Microsoft Managed Continuous Updates TechTalk for more details.


Important action items for customers running older version of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations application:

  • Work closely with your ISV solutions providers to confirm their readiness for continuous updates and discuss required steps to upgrade your code base with the latest ISV package (if any).
  • Review and evaluate every customization used for your implementation. You can use the Customization Analysis Report (CAR) to determine if your implementation project has overlays in its code. Read more about extensions vs overlays here.
  • For each overlay, plan on converting it to an extension. If converting your customization to extension requires change in the standard application you must log an extensibility request as described in this article. Make sure to log any extensibility requests as soon as possible, as these will be processed on first come first serve basis. All extension requests must be logged by January 1st 2019.
  • Upgrade your application to latest version as described in this article before April 2019

You can read more about this change in the links provided below.

Modernizing the way we update Dynamics 365

Microsoft Managed Continuous Updates TechTalk

Versions Update Policy

Changes how platform updates are delivered

If you have any questions, post them in the community forum here.



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