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Have you explored Microsoft yet? Power BI helps bring data to life! Power BI is a Microsoft’s Business Analytics service for Visualizing, exploring and deriving insights from data!

Sample Power BI dashboard

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With the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, Microsoft has introduced a new capability called a PowerBI Content Pack so that Microsoft Dynamics NAV end users can connect a correctly configured Microsoft Dynamics NAV instance to and see a full business performance insights dashboard.

In NAV 2016 demo database, some of the web services are published by default and the Power BI Microsoft Dynamics NAV content pack uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s web services to retrieve your data:



  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 hosted on Azure VM
  • Use Authentication method as NAVUserPassword to login to NAV
  • Enable ODATA and SOAP web services in NAV Admin tool
  • Make sure the above specified web services are published in NAV
  • Sign up for an account in using your organizational email address.


1.Sign in to and Click on Get Data

2.Select the content package for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics NAV Content Pack

3. Click on Connect and enter the NAV 2016 OData URL feed as : http://domainname:port/Instancename/Odata/Company_name


4. Choose the Authentication Method as Basic and enter the NAV user ID and Password to Sign in.

This creates Microsoft Dynamics NAV Dataset, Report and Dashboard as shown below:


Each report contains multiple charts for a given set of data. Users can modify, copy to new, or create new content on the pages to get KPIs and charts from the data that fits their individual needs. Users can pin report elements to their existing dashboard or they can create a new dashboard.

More details at:










9 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics NAV with”

  1. If only it was so simple! We have been trying for days to get this to work. After working out that there is an issue with the Web Service KPI setup page (page would not run from client to start with plus running odata from browser produced an error), we finally got excited it was going to work. But O no…. it still comes up with error 200 after its creates datasets, reports and dashboard. After reading loads of posts it seems that it is a proof of concept rather than a well designed content pack. How does Microsoft expect Partners to promote this when them themselves can’t be bothered to provide us with a working product. BTW running Demo VM in azure en-GB… Like to add nice post though, thank you 🙂


  2. thanks for the post mr suvidha.

    can u be clear and prescise on this point for me …we have been trying this on NAV 2015. it seems our services ODATA,& SOAP was not configured by default. any advise on this…and how can we make it work. is it that NAV 2016 is much better….after installing…with the services we need to connect to BI…all are installed by default.?? pls…clarify this for me


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